Gift Ideas For BoysAre you on the hunt for Christmas gifts that will be a big hit this year? It can be a challenge to come up with ideas and get the right presents for your loved ones. But when you nail it and get that perfect present it’s great to see the smiling faces.

Boys 5, 6, 7 or 8 years old come in all shapes and sizes and they really do have a zest for life! Your pick of gifts for boys should be in sync with the taste and preferences of the boy on your list. The boys age is primary factor when it comes to buying gifts for them. When the boy is younger you can give him learning games or something practical. When the boy is older you may lean more towards the fun gifts.

NEW!!! Boys Gift Ideas

What’s new and exciting? Here’s a sample of presents recently added to our gift guide for boys…

I’m always looking for the latest and greatest gifts for boys. When I find something interesting, new, popular and highly rated I’ll feature it right here. If visitors like it, I’ll integrate it into this boys gift ideas page.

Does He Want a Shiny New Bike?

Bikes for boys In this age group are a really cool gift. Quite possibly the best gift for boys is a brand new bicycle. Start out with the training wheels and gradually you can take them off and he’ll be riding around with a whole new sense of freedom.

Great Video Games

Video games are a perennial favorite gift for boys… You have the power to make the video game player on your list very merry this holiday season with a cool new video game or console. Here are some of the most wished for video game gifts and video game consoles this Christmas.

Fun Games for Boys

Games for boys that test their skills and knowledge. If it’s cold out and video games aren’t your style, here are some indoor games that he may enjoy as much as video games. Fun games are the key to a successful game night. Some of the games below are a blend of classic games and new games he’s sure are sure to keep him entertained on a rainy day of family game night.

Fun Remote Control Vehicles For Boys

R/C vehicles make a great gift for boys. Here are some really unique and cool R/C vehicle that boys will love. Remote control vehicles for boys provide hours of fun and entertainment. You’ll even catch dad playing with this boys gift!

Educational Gift Ideas for Boys

Are you looking for an educational and fun gift idea for boys? LeapFrog electronic learning gadgets are top rated by parents and make an excellent Christmas gift. Fun for kids yet educational at the same time. I guess you could say it makes learning fun! Now isn’t that an excellent gift?

Sporting Goods Gifts for Boys

Does he like sports? Check out these unique sporting gifts for boys here.Gift ideas like these will keep him physically active!


Nerf leads the pack in boys gifts. Nerf started by making foam balls that are molded to look like various sports balls. They were specially designed to be less likely to cause damage since they are made from Nerf foam material. Today Nerf makes Blasters, which are toy guns used to shoot ammunition made of the Nerf material. Many forms of dart ammunition are available for Nerf Blasters, including a variety tipped with Velcro that can stick to Nerf vests, another tipped with suction cups designed to stick to smooth surfaces, a streamline dart that is used in many Nerf blasters, and a whistler dart that whistles while flying and is easy to throw at other players.

Building Sets

Action Toys and Figures

Spy Gear Gifts for Boys

Last Minute Gifts For Boys

The Best Last Minute Option? An Amazon email gift card… Choose from lots of festive designs to e-mail for immediate delivery, or simply print it out from any printer and slip into a lovely card or package. It’s quick and easy, just choose the type of gift card you’d like to send, then fill out the form and add it to your gift card order. Redeemable for millions of items on, no fees, no expiration. Really.