Moms are special people. They take care of you as you grow and are there for you even when you are an adult with your own family. This is why you want to get her a gift that reflects what she means to you and something that she enjoys as well. There are so many kinds of moms but there are also so many kinds of gifts. What would your mom like for Christmas this year?

The Baker

For the mom who enjoys her time in the kitchen, think of what you can do to make that time easier or more exciting. You can choose a gift as simple as a blender or as fun as an ice cream maker! Maybe she would appreciate a special apron, some new pot holders or kitchen towels. If she loves cooking or baking then anything you do to spice up her kitchen will be much loved!

The Soccer Mom

Soccer moms are busy moms! One thing that they may do is drink a lot of coffee, so a special travel mug may be just the thing. In addition, if she has a busy schedule (and she probably does), she may appreciate a day planner to keep up with all of her to-do’s. If she likes sports than you can get her something to do with her favorite sport!

The Fashionable Mom

For the fashionable mom in your life you have a million gift choices. If you feel that you can pick out the right item of clothing than go for it! But remember, many women prefer to pick out their own clothing so a gift card may be the better way to go. You can also help her accessorize by getting her jewelry, hats, scarves, etc. Another great idea is a gift certificate to a spa to get a massage or a mani/pedi. The gift of pampering is an excellent one for any mother!

The Sentimental Mom

Mothers melt when their kids bring them home handmade gifts from school. Now that you are a grownup you may wish to give a little sentimentality to her again. A perfect gift is a mothers ring, bracelet or necklace. You can also go with a #1 mug mom, a mom magnet or a special mommy shirt.

The Working Mom

What type of job does your mom do? Keep this in mind when shopping for her Christmas gift. For instance, if she is a nurse you can get her a new set of scrubs or other work equipment. If she works in an office perhaps she would appreciate a new pen and stationary set or some new business cards. Just keep in mind what she does at work and you will be sure to find a great gift!

The Reading Mom

For the mom who loves to read you may wish to get her a book by her favorite author. If she has a favorite book series, get her the whole set. You may also want to consider getting her a tablet reader so she can read her books no matter where she is without having to lug around a heavy bag. And when in doubt about what titles mom would want to read, a gift to a book store is a great choice!

The Gardening Mom

For the gardener on your list go for the gold with some new outdoor tools. You can get spades, gloves, hoses, watering cans or even a gardening stool to make things easier for her. Find out what she likes to plant and create a seed basket for her! Or, simply get her a fully grown plant or bush that she can plant and enjoy immediately.

The Sporty Mom

Some moms enjoy a good workout. If this sounds like someone on your list then help her keep in shape by getting her some new exercise equipment. If she is a runner than a new outfit or pair of running shoes would be wonderful, and if she is not a gym member then get her a trial membership to her local gym. Anyone who likes to keep in shape will love any one of these gift suggestions.

The Crafty Mom

Moms who love crafts will really love to open a gift on Christmas morning that helps them express their creative side. There are so many types of crafts that the gift ideas are endless. There is painting, needle point, knitting, scrapbooking, etc. What does the mom on your list enjoy doing?

The Techy Mom

Technology has touched everyone’s life; even moms! Just like “regular” people, moms like video games, smartphones, tablets and other techy gadgets. And for those moms who tend to get turned around on the road, there is no better present than a brand new, hi-tech GPS!

No matter what the mom on your list is like, finding the right gift doesn’t have to be a chore. All you have to know is what she likes and match your gift up with her personality. If you still are not sure, women in general will appreciate you asking what they would like rather than being surprised with something way off of her radar.