Gifts For ToddlersWhen it comes to Christmas and toddlers, the parents are usually the ones who are the most excited! While the toddler years (ages 1-3) are full of wonder due to emotional, social and cognitive development, the understanding of Christmas, Santa and getting presents is not fully developed. Many toddlers do not even realize how magical Christmas is yet. For this reason, it is easy to shop for them! because they are not expecting big, expensive gifts and therefore you can get them a variety of items to help them along on their developmental journey.

Gift Spotlight: Hide ‘n Spin Monkey

Bright Starts Baby Toy, Hide 'n Spin Monkey
Price: $33.99
You save: $6.00 (15 %)
As of: 2016/11/12 2:57 pm
  • Silly monkey sounds, melodies and lights, light up buttons introduce baby to shapes and counting
  • 2 ways to play, sit or stand, drop balls into the barrel, press nose and the monkey hides, drop balls into the hat, and the monkey counts and peeks out
  • Leaf gates control ball-chasing fun, balls spin and roll, includes 4 AA batteries, includes 5 balls
  • 6 months-3 years

Toddler tools

Have you ever caught your little one trying to take something apart? This is a normal behavior in kids at this age. They are curious and want to know how things work; how they fit together. For this reason, tools for toddlers make fantastic gifts. Get them a tool set where they can use screw drivers and other objects to twist and turn till their hearts are content. This type of toy helps with several things including hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills and are not just for boys. Girls love tool sets as well and many toy companies make them in pink and purple just for the little princesses!

Musical toys

Music makes the world go ’round and toddlers love music! There are many gifts to choose from in this category. Most toy companies make toddler proof CD players. There are also musical characters such as Rock and Roll Elmo and Rock and Roll Mickey. And of course you can get all types of musical games – both traditional and digital. For toddlers, music is fun and engaging. For parents it is a way to help them learn about themselves and the world.

Building blocks

Blocks have been the number one choice for toddlers for hundreds of years. Of course this toy has come a long way but the outcome is still the same; toddlers get to use their imagination and think big! The best choices these days are connect blocks. These are the blocks that lock together so your little one can build whatever they set their heart on. A good example is giant Legos. They are the perfect size for little hands and big enough for creativity to shine through.

Bring home the books

Reading is one of the most fundamental skills that toddlers can gain. The earlier they are introduced the better off the child will be. The classics are still amazing choices but now there are even more options to pick from. Some of the best options are those books that read the story aloud so the reader can follow along. This helps toddlers build up their sight word skills and mastering a skill is something that excites children in this age range.

Learning with a laptop

These days, technology rules the world. School aged children as young as 5 are learning on computers at school so the younger your toddler is introduced to computers, the better. You can start with toy laptops made just for little hands. There are several types you can choose from that range from very basic to more advanced. They will be so excited to have their very own computer and you can be happy knowing that they are learning.

Bath time fun

For many toddlers, bath time is the best part of the day. It can be all the better with bath toys. Toys for the bath do not have to be elaborate. In fact, even the simplest toys can make your toddler squeal with joy. There are bath crayons, rubber ducks, little boats and so much more to make them smile.

Board games to cure boredom

There are many board games for toddler aged children. The main point of these games is for the kids to have fun. The main point for parents is to help them develop necessary skills. One popular type of board game for toddlers is matching. Games like memory are excellent for enhancing brain skills. Another positive aspect of board games is that they teach toddlers to take turns. Plus they are something the entire family can play together!

Tablet time

Once again technology rules the day. Tablets, once a tool for adults, have been turned toddler friendly. As with laptops, tablets are something that will make your toddler feel like a big kid and help them to grow through learning. Even if they are unsure of what a tablet is for, once you help them explore its capabilities they will be off and running on their own before you know it. This is a gift that you can take everywhere you go as well so that is a major plus for toddler and parent!

Sweet dreams

Since many toddlers are fearful of the dark, toy companies have come to the rescue with light up bed time toys. In addition to night lights there are now stuffed toys, pillows and even blankets that light up a dark room. These are perfect cuddly gifts that will help your toddler feel secure and sleep better.

Clothes and costumes

These are the perfect years to give the gift of clothes so enjoy it. Clothing will not become an acceptable gift again until the teenage years! Clothing is something that you can’t have enough of for a toddler. They play hard and get dirty. Their clothes are constantly washed and fade. There will be rips, tears and holes. You cannot go wrong with clothes!

The toddler years is the perfect time for gift giving. Once a child reaches a certain age the holidays will be filled with “I want’s”. Right now you can give them the things that they need to grow into well rounded and well developed little people, all while having a great time!